Pre-order our new LP “Lead to Light”!

Our Pre-order packages for the new LP LEAD TO LIGHT are available here at Every package includes a digital pre-order for the album but this also includes VIP experiential packages as well… including learning “Beast” on Guitar from Rich.K, taking a drum lesson from Dan or listening to the new cuts from LEAD TO LIGHT on our tour bus with us pre-show. Check out the link for a full list of packages!


- Lead to Light – download + updates
- 20 Questions (we will answer anything you ask)
- “Lead to Light” – Signed CD
- Nico Vega designed mug
- Nico Vega exclusive t-shirt
- Exclusive “Lead to Light” t-shirt
- Custom Silkscreened Nico Vega shirt
- Signed Set list w/ concert ticket!
- Handwritten Lyric Sheet of song of your choice!
- Your name in the liner notes + signed CD!
- Drum Lesson w/ Dan and signed drumhead
- Learn “Beast” on guitar from Rich.K
- Listen to unreleased tracks off the album w/ band on tour bus!
- The NV Trash Can used in the Beast music video and on – stage!
- An Aja original artwork masterpiece!
- “Beast Feast” lunch w/ acoustic show
- The Ultimate BEAST – the Nico Vega van!

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